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Your Complete Results:
Default order is alphabetical, Ivy Wang determined the order.
Dragon heart string and Ivy (100%)   
Dragon heart string and apple (100%)   
Dragon heart string and ash (100%)   
Dragon heart string and maple (100%)   
Dragon heart string and vine wood (100%)   
Unicorn hair and Ivy (100%)   
Unicorn hair and apple (100%)   
Unicorn hair and ash (100%)   
Unicorn hair and maple (100%)   
Unicorn hair and vine wood (100%)   
Villa hair and Maple (100%)   
Villa hair and apple (100%)   
Villa hair and ash (100%)   
Villa hairand ivy (100%)   
You aren't even magical so you wont have a wand. (100%)   
phoenix feather and Ivy (100%)   
phoenix feather and apple (100%)   
phoenix feather and ash (100%)   
phoenix feather and maple (100%)   
phoenix feather and vine wood (100%)