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Acrocanthosaurus (100%)   
Allosaurus (100%)   
Apatosaurus (100%)   
Coelophysis (100%)   
Compsognathus (100%)   
Deinonychus (100%)   
Deinosuchus (100%)   
Diplodicus (100%)   
Edmontosaurus (100%)   
Giganatosaurus (100%)   
Micropachycephalosaurus (100%)   
Pachycephalosaurus (100%)   
Parasaurolophus (100%)   
Spinosaurus (100%)   
Stegosaurus (100%)   
Stigymoloch (100%)   
Suchomimus (100%)   
Triceratops (100%)   
Tyrannosaurus Rex (100%)   
Velociraptor (100%)