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Forge: the maker. your mission in life: to fix all that is broken. you love machines! in fact that's what your arm and leg are made of. you are a shamen and a veitnam vetrain. you are responsible, serious and fatherly to some of the younger team members. (100%)   
Mistique: the shape-shifter. you were a terrorist before being forced to join x-factor. you hada lover named destiny and the two of you raised the x-man named rogue. she is your greatest acheivement. you are the mother of nightcrawler and gaydon creed. you had a short fling with sabertooth, and have a fondness for guns. you are cruel, sneaky and possesive. (100%)   
Polaris: the mistress of magnatism. as the green haired polaris you were once part of the x-men. for a short while you thought magneto was your father but you have since learned have had a long relationship with havok which ended not long ago. you are independant, caring and a hard worker! (100%)   
Sabertooth: the blood-thirsty savage. as sabertooth, you love blood, killing and everything that goes with it. you enjoy hearing screams in the night. you are the arch rival of wolverine, but have had major run-ins with gambit as once worked for sinister and the canadian government. you are bad to the bone and don't have a soft spot in your heart for anyone or thing. you are cold, murderous and insane. (100%)   
Shard: yes, you are the glrified hologram from the future that may or may not happen! you lack a real body, but your mind is very real. you miss being human sometimes, but are normally to buisy trying to come out under yout older brothers shadow you hardly notice sometimes! dispite this you are very close to your brother, bishop. you are loyal, dedicated, speak your mind and love to have fun! (100%)   
Val Cooper: X-factors government oprative. powers? no not you. your just a regular human! but that won't stop you from defending your teammates in the battlefeild. as the one who is responsible for x-factor, you take your job quite seriously. if there's a val! you go to great lengths to protect your team. you are practical, protective and care very much for those you consider friends. (100%)   
Wildchild: the canadian feral. you're the youngest member of the team! you hate being treated like a kid, but you hate it even more when mistique calls you "ugly". you were once very good looking but now...let's just say they call you ugly for a reason. you are inmature, kind and alwayd ready to lend a helping hand! (100%)