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Albuquerque, New Mexico (100%)   
Boston, Massachusetts (100%)   
Dallas, Texas (100%)   
Denver, Colorado (100%)   
Honolulu, Hawaii (100%)   
Houston, Texas (100%)   
Jacksonville, Florida (100%)   
Las Vegas, Nevada (100%)   
Los Angeles, California (100%)   
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (100%)   
Minneapolis, Minnesota (100%)   
Nashville, Tennessee (100%)   
New Orleans, Louisiana (100%)   
New York, New York (100%)   
Omaha, Nebraska (100%)   
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (100%)   
Portland, Oregon (100%)   
San Antonio, Texas (100%)   
San Diego, California (100%)   
San Francisco, California (100%)   
San Jose, California (100%)   
Seattle, Washington (100%)   
St. Louis, Missouri (100%)   
Tulsa, Oklahoma (100%)   
Virginia Beach, Virginia (100%)