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Default order is alphabetical, Roxanne determined the order.
Andy Dixon (100%)     
Barbara Ryan (100%)     
Ben Harris (100%)     
Bob Hughes (100%)     
Bryant Montgomery (100%)     
Carly Tenney (100%)     
Craig Montgomery (100%)     
Hal Munson (100%)     
Holden Snyder (100%)     
Isaac Jenkins (100%)     
Jack Snyder (100%)     
Jake McKinnon (100%)     
Jennifer Munson (100%)     
John Dixon (100%)     
Julia Lindsay Snyder (100%)     
Katie Peretti (100%)     
Kim Hughes (100%)     
Lily Snyder (100%)     
Lisa Grimaldi (100%)     
Lucinda Walsh (100%)     
Margo Hughes (100%)     
Molly Conlon (100%)     
Nancy Hughes (100%)     
Simon Frazier (100%)     
Tom Hughes (100%)