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40s (40 ounce malt liquor) (100%)   
Cabernet (100%)   
Chardonnay (100%)   
Cheap Champagne (100%)   
Domestic Beer Basic (Bud, Coors,etc.) (100%)   
Domestic Beer Premium (Sam Adam's, Pete's, Henry Weinhard's) (100%)   
Drink everything you can get your hands on. (100%)   
Everclear, Sugar Alcohol, Bacardi 151 (100%)   
Flaming Drinks (100%)   
Hard Cider (Hornsby's, Cider Jack, Hardcore) (100%)   
Import Beer Basic (Any Mexican Beer) (100%)   
Import Beer Premium (Guiness, Bass, Harp, etc.) (100%)   
Martini (100%)   
Merlot (100%)   
Pinot Grigio (100%)   
Port (100%)   
Prairie Fire(Tequila & Tabasco) (100%)   
Premium Champagne (100%)   
Sangria (100%)   
Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai, Long Island Iced Tea (100%)   
Take shots of something that is > 40% alc. (100%)   
White Russian, Blowjob, Slippery Nipple (100%)   
You really shouldn't be drinking. (100%)   
Zinfandel (100%)   
Zipper, Brain Hemorrhage, Earth Margarita (100%)