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Bradley Nowell- Energy : You're full of it. Trying new things ( That includes mind-altering substances. ) is your favorite aspect of life. I think you might like doggies, too! Just like Bradley Nowell. (100%)   
Janis Joplin- You are a free, elegant spirit with a rebellious side, you Janis Joplin you! (100%)   
Jim Morrison- An enigma, you're the quiet poet. Jim Morrison seems to suit you well. (100%)   
Jimi Hendrix- You are sexy, outgoing, and inwardly poetic, just like that uber-endowed, and massively talented guitarist Jimi Hendrix! you! (100%)   
John Lennon- Not quite that quick on the uptake, you're in it for the music and the LSD. But you rock, just like John Lennon (100%)   
Kurt Cobain-You my friend, are somewhat shy on the outside, tormented on the inside, but dealing with it all. Kurt Cobain was the same way. Well, until he... you know. (100%)   
Shannon Hoon- Life of the party, you're Shannon Hoon - everyone's favorite hippie. (100%)   
Sid Vicious- My word! Watch your mouth! ..Who do you think ya are, Sid Vicious? (100%)