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Beren (100%)   
Curufin (100%)   
Dior (100%)   
Earendil (100%)   
Elwing (100%)   
Eol (100%)   
Feanor (100%)   
Finarfin (100%)   
Fingolfin (100%)   
Fingon (100%)   
Finrod (Felagund) (100%)   
Galadriel (100%)   
Huan (100%)   
Hurin (100%)   
Luthien (100%)   
Maedhros (100%)   
Maeglin (100%)   
Melian (100%)   
Morgoth (100%)   
Nienor (100%)   
Sauron (100%)   
Thingol (100%)   
Tuor (100%)   
Turgon (100%)   
Turin (100%)