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What Neon Genesis Evangelion C

What ''Friends'' Character are

Which little britain character

The Kim Possible 'Animology' T

Which Gilmore Girls Character

which family guy character are

Which That 70's Show Character

Which South Park Character are

What Smallville Character Are

Which West Wing Character Are

Kim Possible Quiz

Which Cartoon Female Villain a

Which Sifl & Olly Show Charact

Ed, Edd n Eddy Personality Tes

Which Sex And The City Charact

Transformers Character Selecto

Which Twin Peaks Character Are

Transformers Personality Test!

Which Invader Zim character ar

Which Queer As Folk character

Which Avatar bending power do

Ultimate South Park Character

Which ''Friend'' are you??

The Accurate FRIENDS Character

Which Monty Python Cast Member

Which Wonder Years character a

Which Ed, Edd n Eddy character

Sex In the City Character Sele

Which Beast Wars Character Are

Which Doctor Who character are

what NCIS character are you?

Which Yugioh monster are you?

Which Heroes Super Power do yo

7th Heaven Fan Club Selector:

Sonic the Hedgehog ANIME chara

Which Fraggle are you?

Full House Character Selector

Which Iron Chef Are You?

Which TMNT Character are You?

What Sopranos' Character Are Y

What Kind of Gundam Pilot Woul

X-Men Evolution Quiz

Which Transformers: G1 Charact

Which Avatar nation do you bel

Invader ZIM personalities

Which Kids Next Door Character

Which character from the Smurf

Smallville Character Selector

Which Degrassi Next Generation

What's your favorite TV show?

Which Whose Line is it Anyway

Babylon 5 character match

Merlin (BBC): Which Character

Which Survivor 7 Castaway Are

What Law & Order Character are

What will you be turned into w

Which Radio Free Roscoe Charac

DBZ characters

Which character are you?

Which Seinfeld character are y

Boy Meets World Selector

Which Beavis and Butthead char

Which Full House Character are

Which Even Stevens Character A

CSI Character Selector

What Xena character were YOU?

Which American Dad Character A

X-Files Character Selector

Which Law & Order SVU characte

Which Horatio Hornblower chara

Which One Tree Hill hottie are

Which Degrassi Character Are Y

Which Alias Character Are You?

''Lost'' Character Selector

What Is Your TRUE Alignment?

Which 90's Television Characte

Who Is Your Ideal Girlfriend?

What Futurama Character Are Yo

McLeod's Daughters Characters

What tv character are you? (it

Which OC Character are you?

Which Malcolm in the Middle ch

Which Kappa Mikey character ar

Which Seinfeld character are y

Flowchart Using Laptops for LC


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Default order is alphabetical, Captain Jack Sparrow determined the order.
Arthur Pendragon - ''The Once and Future King'' - Although you sometimes come across as arrogant, you do not let your pride affect your ability to rule. Equal rights for every man! (100%)   
Gaius! - You grumpy old man! Just kidding, but people often think that about you before they get to know you. At heart, you are a kind person, willing to go to great lengths to protect the people you love. (100%)   
Gwen - ''Guinevere'' - Although though you weren't dealt the best hand in life, you never complain. You always see the best in people and fall in love easily. You need to decide where your heart truly lies. (pssst, it's with Arthur). (100%)   
Merlin - Your great deeds are often overlooked, but you don't mind, as long as everybody is safe. You are destined to become a legend one day. In the meantime, remember not to call your master a ''clotpole'' again! (100%)   
Morgana - ''Morgan Le Fay'' - You are denying your true self because you fear what people would do if they knew the real you. Be careful, this could push you down a dark and dangerous road. Don't have too many nightmares about this result! (100%)   
Uther Pendragon - You fear the things you cannot understand, because you have suffered a great loss. Your heart is encased in stone. Remember who your true friends are, and get yourself some troll lovin'. (100%)