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Default order is alphabetical, Sick Steve determined the order.
Aikido (100%)   
Boxing (100%)   
Doce pares (100%)   
Escrima (100%)   
Hapkido (100%)   
Jeet Kune Do (100%)   
Jiu-Jitzu (traditional) (100%)   
Ju-Jutzu (german style) (100%)   
Judo (100%)   
Kendo (100%)   
Kick Boxing (100%)   
Krav Maga (100%)   
Modern Arnis (100%)   
Shaolin Kung-Fu (100%)   
Shotokan Karate (100%)   
Tae-Kwon-Do (100%)   
Tai-Chi-Chuan (100%)   
Thai Boxing (100%)   
Vale tudo (100%)   
Wing Tzun (100%)