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"American flags waving at me, with my cherry red lips tell me do you wanna be free?..." (100%)   
"I'm glamous and hot, I'm sexy and you're not, I'll take your man..." (100%)   
"I'm trapped inside your heart, trying to get out but I'm stuck..." (100%)   
"If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right so hold me tight...." (100%)   
"got me spinning like a ballerina, feeling gangsta every time I see ya.." (100%)   
"if you lie down with dogs, then you'll get fleas...." (100%)   
"stop looking at my train-wreck life and start listening to the way I sing the blues..." (100%)   
"when I was sleeping without you, haunted by the baddest dreams..." (100%)   
"you can be my lover, stay with me all summer, kiss me right there..." (100%)   
"you get a hot rush feeling on your lips, It's me taking over you, throwing you a curved ball..." (100%)