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Ashari - The school holds that human reason in and by itself was not capable of establishing with absolute certainty any truth-claim with respect to morality, the physical world, or metaphysical ideas. (100%)   
Mutazila - Adherents are usually not accepted by Sunni scholars due to the Mu'tazili belief that human reason is more reliable than tradition. Because of this belief, Mu'tazilis tend to interpret passages of the Qur'an farther from their literal meanings than other Muslims, a practice frowned upon by many Sunni scholars. (100%)   
Salafi - A follower of a Sunni Islam. The principal tenet of Salafism is that Islam was perfect and complete during the days of Muhammad and his Sahaba, but that undesirable innovations have been added over the later centuries due to materialist and cultural influences. (100%)   
Shia - In contrast to other schools of thought, Shia Islam holds that Muhammad's family, the Ahl al-Bayt (the People of the House), and certain individuals among his descendants, who are known as Imams, have special spiritual and political authority over the community. (100%)