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graphReligionReligion Poll: What kind of God are You
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of God are You" by Saereth and Shzuu.

Choose from this list:

Time - you transcend the boundries of time to see all that is and was and understand the possibilities of what could be or will become. You direct the flow of time to create or to destroy.

Knowledge - You contain great knowledge about everything in the universe not even the smallest pieces of information escape your minds grasp.

Chaos - Not quite sure what your doing or of how to make sense of anything you just do things to do them no real thoughts about doing it so flip a coin and do you thing.

Order - Everything has its place and you just happen to know where that is. If anythings misplaced or done wrong in the world your there to keep them or whatever it my be inline.

Balance - You understand there is a delicate balance to things in the universe and make it your point to make sure there is not to much or to little.

Creation - You live to create, to bring new life and new challenges to that life to build an empire everlasting within the hearts and souls of the people.

Destruction - you seek to destroy, evolution through selection, the weak shall perish only the strong survive.


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