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Personality Poll: Personality type Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
PersonalityPersonality Poll: Personality type
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Personality type" by jhufguryue.

Choose from this list:

· Outspoken, ingenious and bored by routine· Look for opportunities and enjoy tackling problems head-on · Think of themselves as talkative, curious and self-sufficient May neglect the routine work required to make their plans successful

Search for meaning in their life and develop powerful insights Are dedicated to helping others reach their potentialThink of themselves as gentle, peaceable and cautiousOthers may find it difficult to get to know them

Inventive, resourceful problem solvers with a love of lifeCan be tough-minded when necessaryThink of themselves as enthusiastic, determined and alertMay become frustrated by rules and routines

Make sense of the world using inner valuesMake sense of the world using inner valuesFocus on personal growth and the growth of othersThink of themselves as bright, forgiving and curiousMay sometimes appear stubborn

Energetic and creative, taking inspiration from everyone they meetEnjoy flexible work environments with few rules and many opportunities for fun

Natural managers who strive for efficiencySee the big picture and make strategic plans for the futureThink of themselves as bright, independent and logicalMay overlook other people's need for emotional support

Visionaries who put energy into achieving their goalsPrefer to work independently and dislike inefficiencyThink of themselves as logical, thorough and brightValue practicality and common sense above ideas and theories

Warm and lively people who focus on the needs of othersBring people together and encourage group participationThink of themselves as intelligent, outgoing and sensitiveMay become overbearing in their quest for harmony

Care for the important people in their livesStrive for harmony and avoid confrontationThink of themselves as gentle, conscientious and matureMay have trouble making decisions that could hurt others

Value personal freedomParticularly sensitive to the feelings of othersThink of themselves as steady, gentle and sympatheticOthers may mistake their quiet nature for weakness

Love fun, people and the world around themPrefer hands-on learning to reading a bookThink of themselves as enthusiastic, sociable or sensitiveMay forget about commitments because they're having so much fun

Warm, caring people who value order and traditionLoyal workers who follow through on commitmentsThink of themselves as sympathetic, easy-going and steadyThey don't feel comfortable with radical change

Loyal and steady workers who meet deadlinesBelieve in established rules and respect factsThink of themselves as mature, stable and conscientiousMay appear too logical or tough-minded and forget their impact on other people

Good at getting to the heart of a problem and quickly finding a solutionMake rational decisions using the facts availableThink of themselves as understanding, stable and easy-goingMay focus on short-term results and lose sight of the big picture

Quiet, easy-going and intellectually curiousUse logical, objective thinking to find original solutions to problemsThink of themselves as bright, logical and individualisticMay forget practical issues, such as paying bills or doing the shopping

Bring order to their home and work lifeLike to act on clear, achievable goalsThink of themselves as stable, practical and sociableMay be irritated when people don't follow procedures


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