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graphFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy Poll: Which of the Final Fantasy VII Men are for you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of the Final Fantasy VII Men are for you?" by Sky Strife.

Choose from this list:

Vincent Valentine= Tall, Dark, Handsome, quiet and mysteriuos *drool drool*

Sephiroth= Phsyco path killing machine.... He's still hot though! *drool*

President ShinRa= Oh God help your poor soul if you got him 0_o short pudgy man. *gag*

Rufus= MUCH better then his dad. Kinda reminds me of Cloud for some reason...

Cloud Strife= The classic hero type, excluding about the kinda insane part. He's pretty hot, tho in a lot of Doujinshi's he looks like a woman.

Barret= Well, I guess he's okay in that big buff kinda way. Depends on ur tastes (I'm more into the inbetween guys like Sephy and Vinny)

Tseng= hmm why is it all the ShinRa people remind me of one of the good guys!? this one reminds me of Vincent, only not as hot! (in my eyes) He's till pretty good looking

Reeve= Even though he's rarely shown, and he's more on the older side he's still pretty damn hot! (wel look at Vincent he's over 50 years old 0_o)

Reno= Well he's popular with a lot of girls but I can't say i like him much. He's hot in his own 'special' way

Cid= Well if you're into old pilots this's the guy for you!


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