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graphLoveLove Poll: Where To Find Prospective Dates & Mates
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Where To Find Prospective Dates & Mates" by Cupid.

Choose from this list:

Art Galleries The great thing about discussing art is that everyone has an opinion. Gallery receptions and openings are social affairs. They are free and you usually get refreshments.

Book Stores For starters, you're meeting people who are literate. You might even meet someone who is your intellectual match. The section that your would-be lover is perusing might even indicate something about them

Classes If you live near a college or high school that offers night classes, get a class schedule and find a class to attend. You'll find people like you that are interested in learning and self-improvement. Classes available include everything from studying Dante to dance.

Coffee Houses Perhaps fueled by caffeine, may a conversation is started in the Java havens. Your likely to find yourself in a conversation even if you are not the initiator. The convenient and ubiquitous board games are the perfect opportunity to invite some one to play a game of chess, scrabble, etc.

Community Service. This a great place to meet people who are committed to putting down roots. Volunteers are giving people so you'll be among giving and generous hearted people.

Conventions, Conferences & Seminars Nearly every professional field comes together for purposes of sharing ideas and meeting prospective customers and vendors. Tell the boss your interested in attending one of these gatherings--at the least you'll be seen as motivated. A best, you'll find someone who like you is gainfully employed.

Grocery Store Every body eats, so you'll get a great cross section to choose from. It's natural to ask for an opinion about a particular food item. Plus you can get an insight into the prospective mate's life style by peaking into their shopping cart.

House of worship Not only do they provide a flock of perspective brides and grooms during the services. But churches and synagogues are active in promoting singles clubs and other opportunities to meet people during the week too.

Science and History Museums The better history and science museums of today are lively interactive places to be. You may even create some history of your own. You may even create some "science" (chemistry)!

Parties Keep an active social calendar. You could be sorry if you miss a certain soiree.

Sports Are you the active type? If you get involved a sport that requires more than one…like softball leagues, tennis or golf…you'll meet people who share your love for fitness. Even the solitary sports like running have road runs which is the perfect place to run into a future paramour.

The Bar Scene, The pitfalls are legendary here, so use caution. More positively, the smoke-free jazz bars of today are far cry from the bars of yesterday.

The Internet The downside of the 'net is famous…some people develop false identities. So suitor beware. The upside is that cyberspace has segmented netizens into special interest groups. You can quickly find people on newsgroups and elsewhere that share your interests, opinions and concerns.

Theatre, Dance Concerts and Film Festivals Frequently held in college venues or in the refurbished movie palace downtown, it is the spot to find people who share your love preferences in the performing arts. What can be more natural than asking the person next you what they thought of the performance?

Weddings The happy couple on the alter and gliding across the dance floor serve an example of love and true happiness--something for which we all yearn. So the mood is set. You can easily strike up a conversation with someone appealing.

Health Clubs This is a win/win situation. You might meet a person who shares your dedication to fitness. Plus you'll be better looking and healthier while you are looking.

Political Party Meeting Lovers of the world unite! Attend a meeting of an organization that is working to improve the government. You might find someone who wants to make the world a better place. These groups often meet in small groups to discuss the issues. Politics make strange bed fellows.


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