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graphFriends & RoommatesFriends & Roommates Poll: Which of my housemates are you most like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of my housemates are you most like?" by Jack.

Choose from this list:

Jack -me! A second-generation hippy who's about as hippy-ish as Big Show.
Barry -the big mad grown-up with a love of all things camp and stupid. He also loves Eleanor (who isn't camp or stupid).
Dave -the angry young Slipknot fan with a caustic way with words and a gift for comic delivery. He's with Lorraine.
Niall -the film encyclopedia. He loves the t.v. waaaayy too much, and cooks a great sausage lasagne.
Jim -the Lord of Cheese. He wins again.
Donny -the disturbed young man who was once told to 'f*ck off' by a children's t.v. presenter. He's never been the same since.
Morgan -the mimic who looks exactly like the gay guy from 6 Feet Under
Eleanor -future Chief Judge with a fondness for all things Disney, and for her boyfriend Barry.
Lorraine -the only one in the house who likes Ainsley Harriott. Has a way with sarcasm. Dave's better half.


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