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graphDungeons & DragonsDungeons & Dragons Poll: The Night Below
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "The Night Below" by Lucy the Destroyer.

Choose from this list:

Dorak - This dwarf has unmatched strength, both of flesh and of odor.
Gwendolyn - This powerful elven wizard isn't very nice, but don't say that to her face.
O'Grady - Formerly a hearty priest of Relm, this deranged druid is full of surprises.
Raynard - This cultured yet wussy elf is a bastion of sanity, despite the party's efforts to cure him.
Rexia - An alluring and powerful half-succubus, she has problems that will cause additional mayhem.
Twitch - Creative, greedy, and utterly idiotic, this would-be sneaky thief is a frequent source of the party's woes.
Slime Mold - This powerful sentient fungus grew in Dorak's backpack, was inadvertently educated by Twitch, and has consumed a plethora of magical items.


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