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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: Which member of my life are you most like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which member of my life are you most like?" by Glenn.

Choose from this list:

My Mombops, Susan. You're nice, helpful, and a female version of me making you really cool.

You're my dad, Ken. You're friendly and try your hardest to make people have fun.

You're my sister, Jenn. You're outgoing and graceful.

You're my girham, Nicole. You're mature, caring, and very beautiful.

You're my good buddy, Dan. You're funny and fun to hang out with.

You're my pretty much brother James, you're loyal and an overall good guy.

You're my science teacher, Mr. Brown. You're out of your mind and need help. Change yourself. PLEASE

You're me! You're the serious, helpful, and sexy one.


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