Anime Poll: what's your inner ham ham? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Anime Poll: what's your inner ham ham? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
AnimeAnime Poll: what's your inner ham ham?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "what's your inner ham ham?" by inu_chan_neko.

Choose from this list:

Hamtaro-you're da big leader ham ham himself. You belive that good will win over evil all of the time, and that it's great to take you're time to help someone. You have a certain best friend, Oxnard, and you always want to make sure that he will be okay, along with your other friends. But the world is not all rainbows and sunshine, and ya have ta realize it, bud.

Oxnard-Hey, come on, stop taking da food from my plate. eat your own. hmm. it seems you already have. So you're a big eater. but so what? you have a big heart, adn that special someone, pepper. You also have a great best friend, Hamtaro. So you're livin da good life. but keep on slouchin like dat, and you won't for long.

Boss-Big burly manly man, ya are. but veeery soft inside. You have an extreme crush for a girl ham named Bijou, but she doesn't seem to think of you that way. Lighten up. The world is not about her, no matter how hard you try to think it is.

Maxwell-You are very smart, and have an excessivly big head. But you get that a lot, so lets move on. You have a signifigant other, a sweet ham named Sandy. You refer to the books too much though, so you like livin by da rules. You could stand to lighten up a bit, but don't let anyone tell you what to do. Follow what you think is right.

Howdy-WEL HOOOOOOWDY! Jeez, you can be more annoying than you think you are, so stop with the weird catch phrase. Other than that, you're a pretty good spirited guy. BUt don't let that fact that you're fighting with someone for another's love wear you down.

Penelope-Ookyu! You're awful cute, and young at heart. Though you're always shrowded by a blanket, it's not like you're hiding your true identitiy....?

Bijou-Ribbons in your hair, thr pearly white're livin a dream f being an extremely attractive ham. but don't let it go to your head...because that could pose a problem. You have a HUGE crush on Hamtaro, even though he very well might not feeel the same way, and have no idea that you have a lovesick friend, Boss, right in your reach. But you knwo how it is. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Sandy-A complete happy-go-lucky valley girl, you like to live life to it's fullest. You are greatly in love wiht Maxwell, who gladly returns your affections. What more could you ask for? You even love you sorry, flirt of a brother, Stan.

Stan-You consider yourself as a ladies man, even tought everyone already knows your little reputation, and ignores it. You have a sister named Sandy who you love very much, and have yet to find a signifigant other. But keep on lookin.

Pashmina-Your pink scarf and friendly exterior say it're a fun ham ham to be around! Though in popularity status, you're a little under Bijou, you have two boys competing for your attentions. And to top it off, you've got a great friend, Penelope, who you love to take care of. Keep it up!

Cappy-A sweet little kid, your accesories matter quite a lot to you, even though you don't really care about your appearence.

Snoozer-Zu Zu Zu. You love to sleep, but you are in reality quite smart.

Jingle-a complete artist at heat, you travel around, spreading your knowlage with the world. Keep it up.

Panda-A very resourceful ham, you are a born artist as well, and think well on your feet, too. Live the life you want to live is your motto!

Dexter-You live to be right, you huge smarty. But shut up once and awhile, we don't want to hear your input all of the time. Perhaps you should take some time of of competing wiht Howdy for Pashmina's affection.


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