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graphFloraFlora Poll: If You Were A Flower, What Kind Would You Be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "If You Were A Flower, What Kind Would You Be?" by Kit Seta.

Choose from this list:

Daisy - Joyful. You, my bonnie friend, would be a daisy. Daisies are the symbol of happiness. You must be wonderful to hang out with, always so happy and cheerful. ^-^ I am so happy that you are so happy. ^-^ ^-^

Rose - Deep, wounded by society. I shed a tear for you. Intellegent, deep, but wounded. Do you find it hard to trust? You must have been hurt at some point in your life. I would hug you, but I'm afraid of getting poked by your thorns.

Stargazer Lily - A dreamer. "And oh what dreams may come..." You are quite the dreamer, a romanticist. *-* You probably daydream frequently and have a very creative imagination. *-* The stargazer lily opens only at night, so it appears as if it's gazing at the stars. Perhaps you would also like stargazing.

Tiger Lily - Wild, crazy. Waaaaaaaaaahhh! @_@ @_@ Loca! Crazy! You are a unique and unusual specimin! Truly a tiger lily. Do you dress uniquely? Are you creative? If you said 'yes', I am not surprised! Don't let others put you down either! Continue being a tiger lily in a field of clovers! ^-^

Baby's Breath - Innocent. Awwwww. ^-^ Kawai! ^-^ ^-^ You are Baby's Breath. Quite an innocent, huh? That's good. Baby's breath are often included in bouquets and wreaths, so don't feel unwanted just because you got a small flower! ...Oh...Oops... Stay away from cats, okay? They eat baby's breath sometimes. X_X

Lotus - Deep, thoughtful. Ahhhh. You are thoughtful and reflective. You can daydream sometimes, but not as much a the Stargazer Lily. Most likely you get pretty good grades with all that reflecting and pondering. ^-^

Venus Flytrap - Sly, Manipulative. Venus flytraps lure unsuspecting flies to their sudden demise. You seem to be the manipulative type. [shudder] I'll remember that next time I see you.


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