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graphLoveLove Poll: What's your dream date look like!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What's your dream date look like!" by Amelia.

Choose from this list:

You want a brown eye brown hair boy! He's your man. So keep your eye out!

You want an asian boy! Small eyes and black hair is your style.

Blonde and Blue is the match for you. Be on the look out for the perfect guy!

Blue and brown are your aim. A quiet yet nice boy. Maybe a little rough. ; )

Red hair and blue eyes is your kind. Wild yet polite is what you want!

Other. You want a mix of descripsions. Your the odd ball. Don't be ashamed!

I'm sorry to say this, but your gay. Boys shouldn't be taking this quiz, sorry!!

Brown and brown are your kind. You think there as cute as heck! You want rough yet intellegant!


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