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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: What is your Aura's color?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What is your Aura's color?" by Dementorchic.

Choose from this list:

Yellow - You're usually very happy. People who are down in the dumps often bore you. You'd rather hang out with other upbeat folks. You're open minded and always up for trying something new.

Green - Green people feel the most alive outside-among the other green things of the world. You love to nurture plants and other living things, like animals or even other people.

Pink- This color is most often associated with love and romance-for a good reason. If you're a pinky, that means that you are very affectionate, but sometimes your love knows no bounds. You're always willing to give to friends or a special someome a second chance. Even if they don't deserve it.

Black- Whlile black is often linked with lonelyness, you don't ever feel like you are lacking for company. You enjoy your alone time, because it gives you a chance to think. Even when you're in a large group, you like to sit by yourself, just to observe the sitch.

Blue- Just like the cooler, blue people stay cool-no matter what. You're a deep thinker who doesn't like to waste time with ideal chitchat or gossip. Others might think you're shy or aloof because you are so quiet. But there's really alot going on beneath that blue shell.

Red- you've got alot of fire in you. Red is the color of passion and anger. While you're very strong, smart and a natural leader, others may see your go-getter attitude as bossy.


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