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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Creature Picker" by Megjen.

Choose from this list:

You are a Zyphor. Zyphors are small timid creatures, that prefer to be alone. They are usually found in caves or dens.
You are an Anophor. Anophors are wild creatures, that always love to party. Anophors usually have alot of friends, and can be found almost anywhere.
You are a Catara. Catara are solitary creatures, that adapt well. They do prefer to be alone, but they will hang out with other creatures.
You are an Orono. Orono are powerful creatures. They are common, and stay in large herds of Orono. They are herbivore, and are usually found in meadows, and fields near lakes.
You are a Meegle. Meegles vary in size, shape, and details. They are usually found in the wild, but occasionally people keep them as pets. They usually have a few close pals.
You are a Meerglefly. Meergleflies are small wispy dragon like creatures. They are very common, and travel together with many other Meerglefly. They never go near cities, though they can be trapped. They are very intelligent, and the group usually travels near larger, more powerful creatures.
You are a Nizir. Nizir are strong wolf-tigers. They are usually blue or red. They are solitary, and live wherever they go. They are careful about everything they do.
You are a Farknor. Farknor are hyper, edgy creatures. They never think before they act. They live in large social groups, called packs, and stay in one area.
You are a Dragon. You are calm, and strong. You are very intelligent, and plan everything before you do it. You travel far, and alone.
You are an Isosaur. Isosaur are small little things that get agitated and paranoid very easily.


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