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graphDisneyDisney Poll: Which animated heroine are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which animated heroine are you?" by cassie.

Choose from this list:

you are megara - cynical and sassy

you are jasmine - independent and beautiful

you are esmeralda - kind and tough

you are odette - sweet and loving

you are aurora - kind and enchanting

you are snow white - delicate and elegant

you are cinderella - hardworking and humble

you are jane porter - artistic and unique

you are ariel - spunky and fun

you are belle - dreamy and intelligent

you are kida - intelligent and ethereal

you are pocahontas - exotic and noble

you are anastasia - determined and ambitious

you are fi-fi - sweet and feminine

you are wonder woman - strong and bold

you are mulan - strong and spirited

you are jessica rabbit - sexy and flirtatious

you are tinkerbell - cheeky and mischievous

you are wendy - caring and honest

you are helga - strong and self-assured

you are chel - sexy and daring

you are amelia - strong and clever

you are aphrodite - feminine and heavenly

you are alice - sweet and curious

you are thumbelina - cute and adorable


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