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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "alcoholic beverage" by Dr. Drailius Maximus.

Choose from this list:

foreign beer-you think your cool but your not and deep down you know noone likes you.
domestic beer- your joe everyman in your wifebeater and beergut, damn its great to be you.
vodka- you are insane just like the country you come from
gin- it makes you sin. what more can you say
whiskey- your big and hairy, your hero include all the hank williams and kenny rogers
rum- if you had been born 300 years ago you would be a pirate but instead you jimmy buffet but thats still fun.
tropical drink- you are fruity and fun. (yes by fruity i meant gay)
boiler maker- your a true lover of alcohol since you cant chose between liquor and beer you mix them in one glass and drink.
everclear- you are a raging alcoholic and should immediately call AA
tequila- you start off quiet enough but after a while your dancing on the table and speaking in spanish even though you don't know how.


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