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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which UnRequited: A Love Story character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which UnRequited: A Love Story character are you?" by Night Shade X.

Choose from this list:

Midnight - The ultimate symbol of darkness, evil, and cruelty. You would rather discard all feeling than deal with the weakness of emotions and you're more than happy to rip someone's throat out for looking at you funny.

Umbra - Hopeful and happy, you're the kind of person who rejoices in life and savors every moment of your fun-filled euphoria. You cherish your feelings, and are happy and optimistic.

Aurora - Caring and loving, you're the kind of person to closely watch after your loved ones and make sure they are always happy. You tend to take the troubles of others onto your own shoulders so long as it makes others smile.

Mistress Mortis - Cool, collected, and quiet, you're the type to sit back and relax but step in if and ONLY if they begin to get out of hand.

Deus - Distant and all-seeing, you look at the big picture with calculating eyes. You are the type to sit back and calmly guide events towards an inevitable outcome.

Elise - Hopeful, energetic, and loyal, you're a lover not a fighter. You give all your heart to something or someone and sometimes overlook the unsavory bits for the good you see in him/her/it. You love unconditionally, and you don't compromise when it comes to those you care for.

Armos - Powerful, demanding, and charismatic, you're used to getting what you want when you want it with nothing more than a smirk or a threat. No one can hold you back from your desires, and if they try, you'll put them into the ground for good.

The Ethereal Ones - Silent, aloof, and distant, you're the type to never get involved period. It's not your problem until someone directly attacks you or your property and even then it's up for debate if you'll take action.


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