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graphWeirdWeird Poll: What species are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What species are you?" by NegamiTrangshi.

Choose from this list:

Saiya-jin: You poor poor person you...

Elf: You tree hugging hippie!

Dwarf: Chicks with beards? No wonder you like the booze...

Dragon: erm... no comment.

Gnome: Run away! Run away!

Human: I don't know if this is worse than a Saiya-jin or not... but it's probably pretty damn close...

Drow: You scare me

Vampire: Live it up man! You're dead! It's not like all the drugs will kill you... well... maybe.

Pixie: You're the one who put nougat in my underpants... and you stole my dog too! didn't you?!

Mutt: No one can tell quite what the hell you are... yay!

Demon: You're pure evil... and you love it! Weather it's blowing things up, or killing the cute fuzzy things while giving drugs to little children... It's all you! You evil bastard you...


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