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graphSportsSports Poll: Whitewater Kayak Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Whitewater Kayak Selector" by GnarGnarBoater50.

Choose from this list:

Riot Booster

Wave Sport EZ

Wave Sport Ace 5.1

1986 Noah (just kidding)

Wave Sport Mutant

Wave Sport Y

Dagger CFS

Dagger RPM Max

Pyranha Prozone

Riot Dominatrix

Riot Trickster

Perception Amp

Liquidlogic Session

Pyranha InaZone

Pyranha H2 Zone

Wave Sport Siren

Wave Sport Ace 4.7

Pyranha Micro

Wave Sport X

Prijon Fly

Prijon Luv

LiquidLogic Gus

Perception Jib

Perception Java

Perception Sonic


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