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graphAnimeAnime Poll: What Anime Character would you look like? (For Girls)
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Anime Character would you look like? (For Girls)" by AprilLynn.

Choose from this list:

You're a girly-girl and quite the romantic, dreaming of finding Mr. Right. You'd make an awesome poet and you're shy, sweet and pretty.

You're somewhat of a tom-boy and have awesome strength, inside and out. You're a warrior who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

You're very popular and quite the hottie. Boys love you and you love them. You can be a bit stuck-up and you'd make a great actress or model.

You're just an every-day sweet-heart who is very smart and friendly. You'd make a great teacher one day, and you're always there for your friends.

You're a dreamer and can be a bit spacey at times. No one seems to know what it is you're thinking.


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