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graphCelebritiesCelebrities Poll: Johnny Depp's girlfriend selector (Revised)
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Johnny Depp's girlfriend selector (Revised)" by Mortal Man.

Choose from this list:

Winona Ryder. Depp changed his “Winona Forever” tattoo to "Wino Forever". Testified on Depp's behalf.

Vanessa Paradis. Dated for 14 years. Have two children together.

Kate Moss. A tumultuous relationship. Moss depressed over break-up. Testified on Depp's half in Heard lawsuit trial.

Lori Anne Allison, first wife. Makeup artist. On good terms. Said Depp never hit or yelled at her.

Sherilyn Fenn, actress. Speaks positively of Depp.

Jennifer Grey. Called off engagement because of Depp's jealousy and anger issues. Said Depp was “surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet”.

Ellen Barkin. She testified against him in his UK trial

Amber Heard. Ex-wife and the defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by Depp.


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