Mythology Poll: Which Goddess of Death are You? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Mythology Poll: Which Goddess of Death are You? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
MythologyMythology Poll: Which Goddess of Death are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Goddess of Death are You?" by Sorceress Adularia.

Choose from this list:

Coatlicue - This Aztec Goddess of Life and Death likes serpents and wears them along with hearts, hands, skulls and flayes human skin. Though you are usually peaceloving, you are one twisted person!

Eriskegal - This Sumerian Goddess of Death is naked and asleep. She weeps for all those who die, yet when her sister tried to take over her realm, she turned her into a chunk of rotting meat... When provoked, you have one hell of a temper!

Hecate - The Greek Goddess of the Underworld had more power than Hades himself! She is also the Goddess of Night and Poisons, for her favored method of killing is by using poison. You are highly powerful and very deadly!

Hel - This Scandinavian Goddess of Hel rules the underworld named after herself. Her plate is Hunger and her sliverwear is Famine. You are a miserable person and you inflict your misery on all others!

Izanami - This Shinto Goddess died giving birth to Fire and then went to rule the underworld. She hates her husband and to spite him kills 1,000 people every day. You are independent and enjoy to spite others!

Kali - This Hindu Goddess of Death wears a skirt of severed arms, a necklace of skulls and corpse earrings. She is a great warriors and she enjoys dancing; at the end of time she will dance the world to death. You are a playful spirit, but you go too far!

Miru - This Polynesian Goddess of Death dwells in the fiery underworld. There she holds a net to catch all the evil people that try to enter. Those she catches, she burns in her ovens. You strongly believe in good and will do anything for what you believe is right!

Nebthet - This Egyptian Goddess, also known as Nepthys, rules over sunset and the dead. She controls magic and even seduced Osiris. You will do anything to get what you want!

Proserpina - This Roman Goddess of Death is the weakest of all the Goddesses. She loves flowers, and spring, and feels pity for the dead. She did not willingly become the Goddess of the Dead, but was a victim of fate (or Rape). You are pathetic!

Qamaits - This Bellacoola Native American Goddess of Death thinks that all people are her slaves. She loves the ocean. She brings disease and sorrow to those who displease her. You are a very controlling person!

Sedna - This Inuit Goddess of Death has a grudge on all people. Her own father killed her by cutting off her fingers, hands and arms and then letting her drown. She controls the ocean and what animals people can eat from the ocean. You are one hell of a pissed person!

Tuonetar - This Finish Goddess of Death has been permenantly seperated from her husband. She mourns for him, trapped in life, and seeks to destroy other happy partnerships in the same way, by sending disease to kill one of the partners. You are one sick person!

Yuki-Onne - This Japanese Goddess of Death is white and thin. She personifies death by freezing. She was married once, but her husband betrayed her. You are a cold, heartless person!


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