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Women's suffrage was a mistake

Posted by Anonymous User 
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 07:27PM
john, by what stretch of the imagination did you think I was asking for the "short" answer? Are you too embarrassed by your own beliefs to expound upon them in detail?

"I've never been married and I have no intention of getting married." -jt

On behalf of all other women everywhere, I thank you.

"Now, let me entertain you with the reality of marriage."

Based on your vast firsthand knowledge eye rolling smiley, your misogynistic opinion is worth nothing more than its fictitious entertainment value.


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Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 07:41PM
And that narrow-minded scenario you "entertained" us with is far from being the norm as you are laughably trying to represent it.


There are those who think I am biased against women.

However, I can think of someone who is far more biased against women than I. Specifically, the Israelis. Israel's founding law granted women full equality - except for family law. In Israel today, a woman cannot get a divorce without her husbands consent. Nor can she make her own decision on abortion. She must apply to a state board which makes that decision for her. If her husnand dies while she is childless, she must offer herself in marriage to the brother of the deceased husband. It is called the levirate marriage. All these facts can be veerified in a book entitled "Between The Banner and the Flag" by yael Yisrael (or something like that). You will note that all the screeching Jewesses like Gloria Allred and the rest make no mention of these facts on the TV tube. It is easy to see why.
Ah, so Panderer is a woman No wonder she cannot think logically.

If Panderer thinks that I am merely exaggerating for effect, she should read a book called "Taken Into Custody" by Stephen J. Baskerville. It is as good as any. There she will find abundant documentation by a purely fact oriented scholar that what I say is absolutely true (just as what I say about the status of women in Israel is provably true, although totally unknown to most people). Before Panderer takes me to task for distorting facts, she should learn some.

I note that there have been no attempts to rebut my demolition of the Nazi "gas chamber" hoax. I am just too much for you people. Sigh! The price I must pay for being so superior to everyone else. I bear my burdens like Zarathustra.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 08:28PM
Phyllis Schlafly's remarks about marital rape are spot on. First of all it is hard to prove in court. Secondly, sex in marriage is a right. Back when I was married to my first wife I used to clean porta potties for a living then I would go have some drinks and see some strippers after work. Those strippers would make me real hot so I would run home to my wife. I didn't feel like showering when I got home and my wife should have understood that. She didn't like my drinking either. That woman was always complaining and coming up with excuses not to give me sex. She would lock herself in the bathroom for hours until I gave up and went to bed. And after all of the abuse I took from her, she is the one who left me. Go figure.
Mr. Beere is right on.


I attatch a post on a very interesting book called "The Hole In The Sheet". It confirms everything I say about Jews promoting radical feminism while yoking their own women severely. Note that the Jewish commentators try to debunk the book by labeling it "unscholarly". The problem is that it is confirmed by Jewish scholarly books like "Between The Banner and The Flag".
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 09:28PM
"There are those who think I am biased against women." -js

"Ah, so Panderer is a woman No wonder she cannot think logically." -js

No... no bias against women with john, folks. eye rolling smiley

"I note that there have been no attempts to rebut my demolition of the Nazi "gas chamber" hoax."

...As you will get nothing but silent laughter from us if you try to convince us the moon landings never took place or aliens were behind the JFK assassination.

"Nothing is gained by bettering an idiot" -Zen Proverb


Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 09:57PM
There's no way to debate with a bigot. They are all either retarded, ignorant and/or stupid. Yes, Bill, ALL bigots. Gonna defend bigots now cuz you're an admitted one or just gonna claim you are "working on it" like you did when you admitted to being a narcissist??? It wouldn't surprise me if these Johns are more of Bill's alters...Bigots rarely believe they are superior to only one group that differs from theirs.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 10:10PM
"There's no way to debate with a bigot." -Sam

Especially when you consider we are all incapable of thinking logically in the first place, eh Sam? john is here to show us illogical women what "logical thinking" really looks like and I for one am glad he's here.

(Now how do you post these messages again...?)

(No... that didn't work. Oh bother! Now I'll have to wait for a man to come along and explain this complicated stuff to me...)


Anonymous User
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 11:27PM
JT your absurd assertions are just too over the top. It's like if you meet a person who is mentally impaired and they are talking nonsense, you just don't argue with them. The lights are on but no one is home. That's why we may choose not to bother with rational arguments against you. It is pointless. Your anecdote about the guy who got taken to the cleaners in divorce court can be matched by some feminist anti-male story too. Shiit happens sometimes, people do shiity things to each other, but it is the exception not the norm. If you feel strongly that the courts are injust, then by all means be an advocate for justice. But guys like you and the majority of so-called antifeminist don't do much to help your cause because you're just ranting and raving lunatics. No reasonable person takes you seriously.

By the way I rarely watch television and don't subscribe to any cable or satellite service, so your remark about my television habits (whatever it was) is meaningless.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 10/19/2009 11:29PM by myce.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 19, 2009 11:51PM
I'm sure JohnJohn's just mad cuz some girl he liked once pointed and laughed at his teeny weeny...Most things a man thinks, feels, says and does is ultimately about his penis. Everyone knows that. JJ's little bitty gets compensated for by his big, bad anger..ohhh I'm soooo scared! Bet he'd slap me for saying that if he could...He probably has a hot sports car and a big gun, too. What a man! eye rolling smiley
To quote Shakespeare:

"They speak but they say nothing."

You people need to do a little reading on men's rights sites. What I say about the absurd pro-female bias of our family law system is not exaggeration but sober fact. If Myce thinks that occasional injustices against women rebut that point, then Myce simply does not know what he is talking about. As to the "gas chamber" hoax, the reaction is typical. It is all flat earth nonsense. No children, it is a provable hoax. Get the Holocaust Denial literature and read it. You will be in for the shock of your lives.


Since you are obviously a Jew, why don't you take a camel up your ass? You'll feel better.


When you think of something rational to write, I will respond. Have you forgotten the casserol in the oven?
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 20, 2009 01:10AM
john, again, you'll have to excuse us not jumping right into an argument with you on your holocaust denying malarkey. In the other forum we have seen revisionist theories come and go. We've had to deal with this type of fiction sold as fact from all manner of loons many a time. You are certainly not the first.

Look, it's not hard to write a book or an essay or website or anything proposing some wacky revisionist theory when you start off by ignoring clearly well documented, well corroborated data as irrelevant or inaccurate or biased or erroneous or part of some great huge Jewish conspiracy to pull the wool over the world's eyes. We've seen it and seen it. You people act as though the history of what happened was constructed in a vacuum by the Jews and the Jews only and the rest of the world (who aren't NAZI sympathizers) had no choice but to silently go along with them without question. It don't work that way, jt. History is based on way more than the highly suspect stuff you and your ink choose to take out of context, rewrite, skew, cherry-pick, blow out of proportion and/or simply pull out of your ass as history.

Why do you think Holocaust deniers are in such a tiny, universally dismissed minority of historians, john? (And I include them in the same sentence with the word "historians" out of quite a large amount of unearned generosity).

Is it all thanks to the successful implementation of a world-wide, complex, web-like Grand Zionist Plot to silence their "truth"?

Or are they simply widely and logically recognized as the prodigious lunatics that they are?

You could use a shave with Occam's Razor there, john.


Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 20, 2009 02:43AM
Trolls like John Thames and Big Texx try to bring out the worst in those who respond to them. They only succeed if that works.


"Build yourselves a wall of ships!" said the Oracle!

No one gets prosecuted or fired from his job for denying the crimes of Lenin, Mao or Stalin. But people do get fired and jailed for doubting the "six million". As to the argument that "all those people could not be lying", think again.
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