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Women's suffrage was a mistake

Posted by Anonymous User 
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
July 15, 2009 11:59PM
I see your point. But he doesn't care that he doesn't get away with it. It's not like he ever sees himself as cornered when confronted with it and fesses up to it.

But yes, you're right. It is more audacity than genius. Shear, brazen, narcissistic audacity.

My bad.

It's still something to behold though. Like watching Cheney blatantly lie through his teeth in an interview. You just can't believe you're seeing and hearing what you're seeing and hearing.


Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 14, 2009 01:16AM
Myce is correct. Giving women the vote was a huge mistake. The proof is everywhere.

The first thing women did before they got the vote was to inflict the insanity of Alcohol Prohibition on the nation. It was the product of a decades long female suffrance campaign. The fact that women were the driving force behind the most insane law in the history of the United States is worth pondering. Are women any more rational now? Women have inflicted many other absurdities on the nation. I shall mention a few.They have combined fanny patting court martials in between the bayonet thrusts in the military. They have combined legalized unborn baby murder for women with mandatory child support for men. They run around naked in public while complaining about groping.They coin expressions like "male chauvinist pig" with sexual hostility lawsuits. The idiocy is everywhere.

A political scientist named Lott has discovered that in every state where women were given the vote prior to the passage of the 19th Amendment, there was a massive upsurge in government spending. The welfare state would not exist without the female vote. Women claim that they are entitled to the vote merely because they constitute half the population. But women did not spill their blood at Valley Forge or Yorktown or any other battlefield which decided the future of this once great nation. Was it Abigail Jackson and her rag-tag army of Annie Oakley sharpshooters who stopped the British at the decisive battle of New Orleans in 1812? Was it Jill Bowie and Debbie Crockett who fought to the last at the Alamo? Women have never fought and died for their country, unlike men. They have not paid for their rights in blood, any more than the Roman feminists of antiquity suffered one hundred thousand dead against Hannibal Barcas before winning the war on the plains of Zama.

Men have done many stupid things but there is no evidence that the Alcohol Prohibition sex is any smarter. Women should be disenfranchised and put back in the kitxchen and bedroom where they belong. As breeding cows and receptacles for the lust of man they perform a useful service; as anything else they are an unmitigated disaster.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 14, 2009 05:40AM
Date much? Yeah, probably not...Moron.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 14, 2009 06:54AM
john thames
> Men have done many stupid things but there is no evidence that the Alcohol
> Prohibition sex is any smarter.

Another John?...hmmmmm

Anyway. if "Alcohol Prohibition sex" (law?) is what I think it is -- and assuming you're serious and not trolling -- guess I can see why you are so fustrated seeing that the only way that you can ever get laid has been taken away from you.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 14, 2009 07:16AM
Hes probably just another of PB's incarnations while hes hitting the moonshine a little hard.


"Build yourselves a wall of ships!" said the Oracle!
Anonymous User
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 14, 2009 11:36AM
Whose smelly sock puppet is THAT?! (credit Maddie for coining a new meaning for sock puppet grinning smiley )
Don used to have an alt that was similarly misogynist, but his was funnier. OKAY EVERYBODY BITE THE SOCK!!! (and watch cute video of dog biting sock) (Or feed the troll, if that is what it is.)

Hey john, Everyone else but you noticed that my stupid post was a parody of some sort. I'm pretty sure I was making fun of Pb. The welfare state is characteristic of every affluent developed nation on earth. Can you think of any exception? I don't think so! Thank you for pointing out the civilizing influence of the women's vote on society. What's this fanny patting and bayonet stuff? You're simultaneously bitching that there are women in the military, and bitching that historically not enough women have died in battle? What a clever bullshit artist you are. Combined abortion with mandatory child support? You prefer the old way when unwanted babies were abandoned to opportunistic predators and the elements? Complaining about naked and groping? How old are you, four? Can't you control your impulses and keep your hands to yourself? When was the last time you actually heard someone use the 1970's slang term "male chauvinist pig?" Women haven't earned their vote in blood? Are YOU a veteran? How many men have died in childbirth?
Anonymous User
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 15, 2009 07:16AM
I don't have a problem with Women's suffrage, but I think women have an obligation to set aside their womanly instincts and think like a man whenever they pick up the ballot paper. This constant shift to the left isn't sustainable.
Anonymous User
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
September 15, 2009 07:39AM
One of the arguments against woman's suffrage was that women were thought to be too conservative! But I think you're stereotyping a little there Jeurg. winking smiley Do you mind specifying, and what does it have to do with women's voting?

Oh no.. you are quoting the Coultergoul in your siggy. EW!

See comments by "Andrew Jackson" at bottom of blog. They constitute a complete refutation of feminism.

Rarely in history has a doctrine caused as much social strife as feminism. It has taken what was once a stable, harmonious social structure and turned it into chaos. It is therefore necessary to examine feminist philosophy in detail to understand its premises, to comprehend the false assumptions upon which those premises are based and to comprehend why the doctrine, when practiced, always leads to disaster.


Feminism purports to be against sex discrimination. Feminism forgets that women are the cause of sex discrimination. All sex discrimination ultimately arises from one cause-the fact that women bear children but men do not. That is the reason men go down with the ship while women and children climb on the lifeboats. It is also the reason that men, not women, fight and die in wars, that men work to support women rather than vice-versa and a thousand and one other distinctions between the sexes. If, then, women are the cause of sex discrimination, how can sex equality be achieved? That is the subject of the next section of “Feminism Refuted”.


All societies throughout history have given men preference over women in the labor market. Why? The answer is: to equalize the woman’s power of sex and reproduction. In simple terms the idea is to give men all the jobs to equalize all the babies for women. This establishes a balance of power between the sexes. The woman needs the man to earn a paycheck to support the family; the man needs the woman to bear the child he cannot bear himself. When the woman is acting as her own provider the equation is altered in favor of the woman. He still needs her baby box; she no longer needs his paycheck. From this elementary fact flows all the problems which have been created by feminism.


The family is the basic building block of society. When it crumbles, society crumbles. What, then, is the family? It is a unit of two parents, one male and one female, raising children together. The family is distinguishable from nature where there are no families but only females with their broods of children. In the lower orders of mammals males have no role in the family; they are inseminators, nothing more. Feminism aims at a regression to this state of affairs. The family exists for one reason: because of the male role of provider. Feminism, by making the husband/provider optional rather than necessary, invariably tears down the two- parent family. It can have no other effect. Some will argue that the problem is anti-male bias in the divorce courts rather than economic independence for women. Granted that eliminating anti-male discrimination in family law courts would be a step in the right direction, it would not solve the problem. For the female would still retain the option of getting pregnant without getting married, relying on her own earning power. That is an option which women are increasingly exercising with the progress of feminism.


One of the most disastrous consequences of feminism has been the lowering of the birth rate. In all the white, industrial countries the birth rate is now at or below replacement level. This portends disastrous consequences, particularly in lands which are being overwhelmed by Third World invasions. In the 1950’s when women were in the home and the job market was reserved for men, the birth rate per white woman was 3.9 children per couple. The plummeting of the birth rate has paralleled the entry of women into the job market. The condition is cause and effect. Not merely has feminism lowered the birth rate quantitatively; it has lowered the birth rate qualitatively. Intelligent women are bearing fewer children as they pursue careers; less intelligent women, subsidized by dysgenic social policies, are bearing more children.


Male unemployment, unlike female unemployment, imposes tremendous costs on society. An unemployed male is a likely source of crime and social disruption. An unemployed female, by contrast, can raise children and serve as a stabilizing force in society. If one looks at slums and ghettos, they consist largely of welfare mothers and unemployed males who turn to crime and drugs. Feminism, by putting women in charge of the job market as well as sex and reproduction, aims to displace males into precisely this status.


All male businesses function as cohesive, disruption free operations. They function solely with one objective-to run as efficiently as possible. Feminist intrusion into the labor market creates all kinds of unnecessary problems. One of the biggest is maternity leave. With women taking as long as six months paid leave to make children on the company’s time, businesses are faced with enormous disruption of office efficiency. Male employees have to do double duty and enormous tensions and resentments develop. Women also want “time off” to deal with child-care problems. This may be understandable from their standpoint but not from the standpoint of office efficiency. Female employees, being sex objects, cause enormous legal problems for employers. They are always filing lawsuits because someone offended their feelings or patted their rear. All these problems are avoided by excluding them from the labor market.


Day care societies, such as Sweden, are experiencing major problems with dumping children into state nurseries while their mothers trot off to work. Not merely are an increasing number of women expressing a desire to be home with their children signs of neurosis are appearing in the children not raised by their biological parents. They are committing suicide at an ever-increasing rate and demonstrating all kinds of psychological maladjustments which were not present pre-feminism. The same pattern is showing up in other countries. One of the most disastrous consequences of feminism has been the rise of the fatherless child. It is well established in penology that 80% of all male criminals were raised by single mothers. The economic independence of women promoted by feminism, plus “Mother First” divorce court, is the main cause of fatherless families and their social ills.


Most people are totally unaware of the true origins of feminism. It revived after the end of the Second World War under the sponsorship of the American Communist Party. Party periodicals of the 1940’s and 1950’s were always pushing the line that women should liberate themselves from the capitalist tyrrany of the home and enter the work force. The Party condemned male comrades for not taking women seriously and making sex jokes offensive to female comrades (“Sexual harassment”, anyone?) Daddy was shown changing the diapers. The founding mother of feminism, Betty Friedan, was a life long Jewish communist and devotee of Joseph Stalin, a fact which was covered up when her book, “The Feminine Mystique”, was published in 1963. Jewesses have always been in the forefront of the feminist movement. This is only logical, as communism has always been a front for Jews. Feminism poses as a front for “equality” for women but in fact feminism aims to make war on the white male and displace him as the leader of the society which he created.


The solution to feminism is to restore the concept of “family wage”. Family wage means paying a man enough money to support a family, so that his wife can stay home and raise the children. Family wage was, de facto, the social structure of the United States before the rise of feminism. It is still the correct system.
Anonymous User
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 18, 2009 06:12PM
Myce, you've attracted your very own try-hard troll! Have fun. cool smiley
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 18, 2009 07:00PM
"Women should be fired from their jobs, stripped of the right to vote and kicked back into kitchen and bedroom where all women belong. Feminism must be destroyed-along with socialism, racial equality, communism and zionism." This is no doubt this troll's favorite sentiment. What a dick. What's ironic is that he comes across as a cry-baby throwing a tantrum because society won't let him be a cry-baby. The boys aren't allowed to show their emotions like the girls do. Wahhhhh! Lmao! Wanna bet TrollBoy is single??
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 18, 2009 10:09PM
Excellent posts, John Thames. Do you know there is some hope that things could go back to the way they were before women's lib ruined society? There is a new organization for men and women who support rape. I think rape could be a good way to keep women in line and out of the military. This is their site Republicans for Rape. I am not a Republican because both parties are all a bunch of liberal manginas who suck up to feminazis. But this is a step in the right direction.
Re: Women's suffrage was a mistake
October 18, 2009 11:15PM
Lol! Could there really be people like this left in the world?? Scary thought...
Very funny, Mr. Beere.

But as I'm sure you already suspected, I agree with Miss Schlafly's position. She is one smart old gal.I fail to see why a wife should be paid for sexual services she does not perform. That would appear to deny the husband the benefit of what he bargained for when he got married.
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