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Life Of Pi

Posted by 
Life Of Pi
June 02, 2017 02:05AM
I didn't think I would watch this movie. It looked mediocre at best
& I could see how it would end - surviving together.

But I saw the movie was on & set my DVR the other day.

The movie has good religious tones as Pi tells about his life.

Pi is a lot like me, where he goes and studies many relgions.
He is not comfortable accepting one truth as the only truth.

He makes a joke about being a catholic-hindu, so he gets to feel
guilt in front of many gods.

I would say good for kids, & great for religious tone. other than that, blah.


America is plagued with an epidemic
of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
D-K affects nearly every family.

You have to know, the real Dunning-Kruger
effects fake liberals to make them
think that they know everything.
No matter how many facts you
show them, they don't learn or accept.

Too many people are brainwashed into
believing their political party is benevolent.
While both are deep state knights & pawns.

We need outsiders like Donald Trump.

Do not confuse the Dunning-Kruger Effect
with the Dumb-Krueger Effect, started by
pseudo-psychologist to attack MAGAites.

The cure for Dumb-Krueger is knowlege!
May the facts be with you.
Re: Life Of Pi
June 23, 2017 08:07PM
Did you see it in 3D? Otherwise no real reason to watch. It's okay. When it came out - people went overboard with their praise for it.

PS: Did you see what I did there? People went "overboard"... and the movie is about a dude who goes overboard on a ship. Thought that was pretty clever. smiling smiley
Re: Life Of Pi
June 24, 2017 01:18AM
3D? Cool!

I didn't know. I just caught it on HBO or w/e.

Actually, as I was saying, it has a good spiritual element.
I love that he say he's a catholic-hindu & gets to feel guilty
for thousands of gods.

Him & I are alike because we studied all religions we could,
rather than take faith on the word of one teacher (as absolute).
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