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very interesting results in univ of texas covid study

Posted by txcup 
very interesting results in univ of texas covid study
February 03, 2021 05:17PM
weight, not age

no deaths w/out preexisting condition(s)


What does make a big difference in how bad a person’s COVID experience could be is their body mass index. A body mass index that classifies people as overweight was a big indicator of how sick they might get, Davis said.

“We found that it actually increased the odds of needing ventilation or a comparable oxygen demand by 200 percent,” Davis said. By comparison, a person’s age, when controlled for other factors, only increased a person’s chance of a bad outcome by a couple percentage points, he said.

Davis analyzed the outcomes of 450 people who were treated at medical branch hospitals during the pandemic. He focused on the characteristics of people who needed ventilators because that correlates with other poor outcomes, including deaths, he said.

The Galveston County Health District has reported 242 deaths connected to COVID-19 since April 2020.

In every case, the health district has said the person who died had a pre-existing condition that contributed to their death.

Generally, most of the people who have died were overweight or had conditions related to being overweight, including heart disease and cancer, said Dr. Philip Keiser, Galveston County local health authority.


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Re: very interesting results in univ of texas covid study
February 03, 2021 07:06PM
What utter nonsense. Of course pre-existing conditions play into it. They do in every cause of death apart from accidents and murder. The chief condition, though, is simply being human and vulnerable.
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