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Staff CreatedCollege Major Selector: Discover the best major for you.Education.Education24.215.123.124 Rating Score: 0
Knowledge QuizWhat job is right for you?Career.CareerRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizPets - which one fits you best?Games & Toys.Games & Toys47.214.9.224 Rating Score: 0
Yes/No SelectorWhat farm animal are you?Livestock.LivestockRating Score: 5
Multiple ChoiceWhich WoW Class are You?Role Playing Games.Role Playing GamesRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizWhat nationality you really are?Travel.TravelRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorAre you an Adult Indigo? -the Adult counterpart of the Indigo ChildMetaphysical.MetaphysicalRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizWhat kind of prostitute are you?Love.LoveRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedDog Breed SelectorDogs.Dogs157.50.4.83 Rating Score: 0
Staff CreatedAuto Personality QuizVehicles.VehiclesRating Score: 2
Knowledge QuizYaoi Obsession SelectorAnime.AnimeRating Score: 1
Yes/No SelectorWhich anime should you watchAnime.AnimeRating Score: 3
Yes/No SelectorPolitical Spectrum Self-TestPolitics.PoliticsRating Score: 3
Yes/No SelectorThe Warhammer 40,000 Army ChooserGames & Toys.Games & ToysRating Score: 3
Yes/No SelectorWhat Should I Name My Baby?Names.Names71.194.72.192 Rating Score: 0
Knowledge QuizPersonalityPhilosophy.Philosophy136.63.204.232 Rating Score: 0
Yes/No SelectorWhich SEC school are you?Education.EducationRating Score: 2
Knowledge QuizPets - which one fits you best?Games & Toys.Games & ToysRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorHarry Potter wand selector (the wand chooses)Harry Potter.Harry PotterRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedYour American Politics PredictedPolitics.Politics204.235.234.34 Rating Score: 0
Multiple ChoiceBleach character quiz. Who are you most like in bleach?Anime.AnimeRating Score: 2
Staff Created''What is my animal DNA?'' personality testPersonality.Personality162.207.39.87 Rating Score: 0
Yes/No SelectorWhich Gintama character are you?Anime.AnimeRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedI Can Guess Your Name!Names.NamesRating Score: 4
Staff CreatedWhich College Is Right For Me?Education.EducationRating Score: 4

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