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Yes/No SelectorWhat is your level of insanity?Personality.PersonalityRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedCat Breed SelectorPets.Pets73.224.162.123 Rating Score: 0
Yes/No SelectorChristian Faith SelectorReligion.ReligionRating Score: 4
Knowledge QuizFuturama dating game!Weird.WeirdRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorWhich Skulduggery Pleasant Character are you?Books.Books86.42.139.242 Rating Score: 0
Multiple ChoiceWhat WWE superstar are you?Wrestling.WrestlingRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedDog Breed SelectorDogs.DogsRating Score: 1
Yes/No SelectorChristian Denomination SelectorReligion.ReligionRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorWhich martial art is right for you?Martial Arts.Martial ArtsRating Score: 1
Knowledge QuizIQ TestWeird.Weird97.127.150.164 Rating Score: 0
Staff CreatedHow Will I Die?Health.HealthRating Score: 5
Multiple ChoiceWho Is Your Ideal Girlfriend?Television.TelevisionRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorWhich Son of Feanor are you?Lord of the Rings.Lord of the RingsRating Score: 5
Multiple ChoiceWhich of the original Ben 10 aliens would you be?Weird.WeirdRating Score: 4
Yes/No SelectorWhich Band/Orchestra Instrument Are You?Music.Music23.240.194.91 Rating Score: 0
Knowledge QuizWarcraft clan?Games & Toys.Games & ToysRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizIQ TestWeird.Weird99.104.36.56 Rating Score: 0
Knowledge QuizPersonalityPhilosophy.PhilosophyRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizPersonalityPhilosophy.PhilosophyRating Score: 5
Yes/No SelectorRelm of Price Legolas Greenleaf of MirkwoodLord of the Rings.Lord of the RingsRating Score: 5
Staff CreatedSpiritual Belief System SelectorReligion.ReligionRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizPersonality StereotypePersonality.PersonalityRating Score: 5
Knowledge QuizPersonalityPhilosophy.Philosophy205.213.212.111 Rating Score: 0
Knowledge QuizFind the Perfect Pet for You!Pets.Pets178.120.225.100 Rating Score: 0
Staff CreatedHow Will I Die?Health.Health171.33.200.6 Rating Score: 0

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