15 Top Multi-Choice Politics Quizzes
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Are You a Donkey or an Elephant?by Amber Actual Score: 51 vote
Whig or Tory?by Association of United Aristocrats Actual Score: 4.833333333333336 votes
vic 2 test--domestic & foreign policy choicesby persian Actual Score: 4.754 votes
Match with a poltical party...or are you an independent?by ABCcitizen Actual Score: 4.666666666666673 votes
What ideology do you agree with the most?by Thisguy Actual Score: 4.3888888888888918 votes
Are you Left Wing or Right Wingby TheNewTeddy Actual Score: 4.3333333333333327 votes
2010 Midterm Elections Party Selectorby Blueyays Actual Score: 4.333333333333333 votes
Canadian Politcal Party / Leader Selector 2008by Ryan Rogers Actual Score: 4.2516 votes
Wybory 2007 - test (in Polish)by Rozum Actual Score: 413 votes
Conservative Ideology Selector (American Politics)by Spalton Actual Score: 45 votes
Presidential Election 2008by Joe Actual Score: 3.7512 votes
Are You A Democrat Or A Republican?by Dr Phill Actual Score: 3.625287356321842610 votes
Political Leaningsby Corpus Islander Actual Score: 3.54 votes
Inglehart Political ideology selectorby Abc85 Actual Score: 3.52 votes
Core Beliefsby The National Union Party Actual Score: 3.254 votes

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