20 Top Rated Pets Multi-Choice Quizzes
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What pet fits youbabaaeyes Actual Score: 51 vote
What type of ferret are you?Kyla Actual Score: 4.02540 votes
What type of bird are you?Samantha Szymik Actual Score: 3.86991869918699123 votes
PetRayton the back Actual Score: 3.833333333333336 votes
What Cat Personality Will Be a Good Match?WereBear Actual Score: 3.27049180327869122 votes
Choosing your dogMatt Actual Score: 3.21830985915493284 votes
What Dog Is Right For Me?Laura Actual Score: 2.923707440100881586 votes
THE BEST PET FOR YOUbest4U Actual Score: 2.72222222222222198 votes
what would your daemon be?ami Actual Score: 2.7071129707113239 votes
What Dog Activity is Right for Your Canine Friend?Cris Waller Actual Score: 2.52 votes
Dog Breedspickle freak Actual Score: 2.1770833333333396 votes
What kind of dog best fits you?Leopardfur26 Actual Score: 22 votes
Identify Dog BreedZircon's Mommy Actual Score: 1.84234234234234222 votes

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