10 Top Rated Final-Fantasy Multi-Choice Quizzes
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Which character of the FFX stories are you?by brittchick_0813 Actual Score: 51 vote
Which Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts Villian are you?by kh kj13 Actual Score: 4.7516 votes
Which Final Fantasy villain are you?by mfactor74 Actual Score: 4.62516 votes
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Character Selectorby aragorn aliases Actual Score: 4.4545454545454511 votes
Which final fantasy X character are you?by tak co2991 Actual Score: 4.142857142857147 votes
Wich Final Fantasy girl is for you?by Elk Hunter Actual Score: 3.8783783783783874 votes
FFX Guardian Quizby SeleniumWingz Actual Score: 2.833333333333336 votes
Which Final Fantasy Character Are You Most Like?by barretboy Actual Score: 0.69230769230769213 votes

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