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AnimeNaruto character match upAnime
BusinessJaki jest twój ulubiony/najmniej znienawidzony typ gospodarki socjalistycznej/pseudosocjalistycznej?Business
DisneyWhat Disney character are you Disney
Star WarsWhat Kind of Jedi Are You (MANY RESULTS)Star Wars
MetaphysicalHatchling House Sorting QuizMetaphysical
LoveWhat female would have sex with you?Love
BooksBook selector, multiple choice questions to find the book for you!Books
Video GamesWhich AOE3 Wars of Liberty Culture do you belong to?Video Games
Role Playing GamesQuem sou eu em Rokugan?Role Playing Games
PoliticsThe Four Dimensional Political QuizPolitics
LoveWhat female wants you?Love
MoviesWhat Batman film are you?Movies
MetaphysicalWersja Poprawiana- Która religia #pleasedonotcopy jest ci najbliższa? Metaphysical
AdviceWho are youAdvice
PoliticsWhat school of anarchist thought do you most align with?Politics
PoliticsJakim typem wroga ludu jestesPolitics
Dungeons & DragonsTimeless ValentinesDungeons & Dragons
ReligionWhat religion do you identify with the most?Religion
PoliticsWhat type of leftist are you?Politics
Harry PotterYour Harry Potter best friend is...Harry Potter
TelevisionWhich Once Upon a Time Character Are you Most Like?Television
BooksWhat Student Are You?Books
Video GamesWhat Pokemon Type would you be in?Video Games
Harry PotterWhich Ilvermorny house would you be in?Harry Potter
Star WarsWhat lightsaber style do you use in combat?Star Wars

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