20 Top Rated Food-Drink Yes/No Quizzes
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Do you want to be a vegetarian?by tom Actual Score: 56 votes
What flavor ice cream are you?by Ballet Baby Bunny 07 Actual Score: 51 vote
Which pastry are you?by tiff_ay Actual Score: 4.52 votes
What type of pie are YOU?by KG Actual Score: 41 vote
What Cookie Are You?by Ley Actual Score: 3.666666666666673 votes
What's your favorite food?by anna Actual Score: 3.65 votes
What brand of bottled water are you?by Jacoba Actual Score: 3.52 votes
What energy drink are you?by amandakiddy Actual Score: 32 votes
What Starbucks Frappuccino Are You Most Likeby chris thomas Actual Score: 2.8758 votes
What brand of soda are you?by Alonway Actual Score: 2.833333333333336 votes
What Kind Of Cheese Are You?by Cheese Whiz Actual Score: 2.6842105263157919 votes
British pub drink selectorby Bagpuss Actual Score: 2.52 votes
Dessert Selectorby The Phantom of the Opera Actual Score: 2.333333333333333 votes
Cocktail Selectorby Phil Dane Actual Score: 2.333333333333333 votes
Sandwich/Personality Selectorby meg Actual Score: 2.285714285714297 votes
What Fruit Loop are you?by Marsh Actual Score: 21 vote
Wine Chooserby Dan Spencer Actual Score: 11 vote
Wants Your Cocktail?by Lee Actual Score: 01 vote
What eggs are you?by M&M&M Actual Score: 01 vote

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