Presidential Candidate Selector

Joseph Biden
(Born 20 November 1942)Vice president. Former Delaware US Senator. Professor, attorney. Democrat.
  • Foreign policy and war issues: The Obama administration advocates a two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Source. He voted for the Iraq war resolution in 2002, but has since been critical of Bush's management of the war. Calls for withdrawal. Source "I can say that the President of the United States said during his campaign and in the debates that if there is an actionable target, of a high-level Al Qaida personnel, that he would not hesitate to use action to deal with that," Biden said in an interview to CBS news. Source
  • Security/liberties: 28% can Center for Security Policy score & 92% American Civil Liberties Union score in most recent ratings. Source
  • Social Security: Would not privatize.
  • Stem cell research: Supports federal expansion of stem cell research.
  • Same sex issues: Voted against constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.
  • Trade issues: Senator Biden supported the interests of the CATO Institute--Center for Trade Policy Studies 36 percent in 2003-2004. CATO favors free trade. Source
  • Budget issues: Supports the Obama initiated Stimulus Plan. The balanced budget championing Concord Coalition gave Senator Biden a rating of 58 percent. Based on a point system, with points assigned for actions in support of or in opposition to Children's Defense Fund's position, Biden received a rating of 50. Source Biden supported the interests of the Alliance for Retired Americans 100 percent in 2007. Source In 2007 National Taxpayers Union gave Biden a grade of F. Source
  • Business & labor issues: 44% U.S. Chamber of Commerce score & 100% AFL-CIO score in most recent ratings. Source
  • Abortion issues: Pro-choice; 100% Planned Parenthood score in most recent ratings. Source
  • Capital punishment: Supports capital punishment. ďAs the author of two major federal crime laws that extend the availability of the death penalty to sixty additional crimes, I support capital punishment as a crime-fighting technique. But we must implement the death penalty in a way that is consistent with our values as Americans. Just as we would not execute a 12-year-old, I have long argued that we should not execute a mentally retarded person whose mental capacity might be far more limited." Source
  • Marijuana: U.S. Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE): "To explain to my 15-year-old daughter or a 12-year old niece that doctors say ... that marijuana can be used as a medicine, it makes it awful hard for a parent to have a message that says, 'By the way, this is a very bad thing, this marijuana.' " Source
  • Gun control: Supports gun control; 0% Gun Owners of America score in most recent ratings. Source
  • Minimum wage: Has has voted for increases in the federal minimum wage. Source
  • Health care: Senator Biden supported the interests of the American Public Health Association 90 percent in 2005 (most recent evaluation). APHA states, "All Americans deserve comprehensive health coverage.". Source
  • Prescription drugs: Has voted "yes" on negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drug and similar bills. Source
  • Environmental issues: In most recent evalutions (2005), Biden supported the interests of the American Wilderness Coalition 100 percent, supported the interests of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund 100 percent, supported the interests of the League of Conservation Voters 90 percent. Source Source
  • Immigration issues: Senator Joseph Biden has voted in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens... Senator Joseph Biden has voted for increases in permanent and temporary foreign work visas such as the H1-B. Source In 2006, Biden supported the interests of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 100 percent, the interests of the U.S. Border Control 8 percent in 2005-2006. Biden supported the interests of the Federation for American Immigration Reform 0 percent in 2005. Source Source
    Supports amnesty/permanent legalization for illegal aliens and temporary legalization for illegal aiens as guestworkers Source
  • Education issues: Voted against school vouchers. Source
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