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PolitiFact's Lie of the Year for 2021

By Curt_Anderson
January 4, 2022 10:43 am
Category: Fact Check
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  1. by HatetheSwamp on January 4, 2022 10:54 am

    It took a while before I figured out that PoliFact is a cousin to The BABYLON BEE.

    By the nightís end, democracy was still standing.

    Democracy is still standing. Indeed.


    Yesterday more than 1,000,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported.

  2. by Curt_Anderson on January 4, 2022 11:11 am
    The Covid virus was shut down for those who chose to have it shot down. The vaccines were available to all who wanted it. The people who are dying of Covid are the about 90% unvaccinated with some who were ill with pre-existing conditions. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

    You are right, cases are up. In fact cases are up 239% over the last two weeks. But deaths are have declined 3% in the same period of time. In football that would be called a goal line stand. For the intelligent, reality-based members of society it's a Darwinian win-win.

    As for the economy, unemployment is down, the stock market is up and Americans have more money in savings.

  3. by HatetheSwamp on January 4, 2022 11:37 am


    Since the former 18 wheeler driver placed his hand on the Bible, you have become a world-class Glass is Half Full kinda guy.

    Sadly for the Flatulent Fool, other Americans don't find the Kool-aid as tasty as do you.

  4. by Curt_Anderson on January 4, 2022 2:07 pm
    I am not so much a glass half full sort of guy as it is that people who think the economy is doing poorly (and it's Biden's fault) are uninformed halfwits.

    "[When} asked whether they approve or disapprove of Bidenís handling of the market, just 44% said they strongly or somewhat approve compared to 56% who somewhat or strongly disapprove.

    In fact, a greater percentage of respondents said they feel the U.S. stock market is doing worse than the year-earlier period than those who said itís doing better.

    Those opinions, gathered from Dec. 17 to 20, run counter to what was one of the marketís best years in decades. All three major U.S. equity indexes posted mammoth double-digit gains in 2021 compared to their historical annual average around 7% or 8%.

    The S&P 500 finished the year up 26.89% and posted a record close at least once a month. The broad market index notched 70 such record closes in 2021, the second-highest annual total behind 1995′s 77 closing highs." --Source CNBC

  5. by HatetheSwamp on January 5, 2022 5:02 am

    Based on my experience, it's gas prices a dollar higher than they were a year ago, higher prices in the grocery store [a Big Meat conspiracy, bahahahahahahahahahaha] and empty spots on the shelves at Wal-Mart that cause us, as you call us, "dimwits" to suspect things ain't right with the economy.

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