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AdviceWhich resort suits me?
0 from 0 votes. 42 visitors' top results Created February 2014.
A Selector
This decision tree will help you find which resort suits you simple :)
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1. Your spending money, how much do you have? because some resorts are expensive to live in

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2. Are you full of confidence or would you like less stress and find it easier to get jobs at the expence of wage.

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3. What type of people do you like: Some resorts attract the super confident - well groomed - bordering on slightly self obsessed workers where its all about image and banter or do you want to mix with slightly more grounded people who are less about maximum banter and more about the journey of life whilst getting equally as drunk as those in other resorts

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4. What is your scene? Music and parties or relaxing and having a few drinks?

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5. do you like a big family of friends or would you like only a couple of mates to stick with when away?

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6. Finally when first on the air-pro website where did you see yourself going?

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