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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Friend Are You?.

#1 19.4%
you are samii(me) you probably like guitar, punk rock, tripping a lot, and that seventies show
#2 13.5%
You are Andy you probably like getting beat up by your older sister, hard rock, donkey kong, and fishing
#3 13.5%
You are Rachel K. you probably like the band Evanescence, are a good singer, and break up and get back together with your boyfriend a lot.
#4 11.0%
You are Alyssa you probably like snowboarding, dressing preppy, horseback riding and fire
#5 7.7%
You are Chrissy you probably like movies, the sims2, getting your cat to attack samii, and forgetting things
#6 7.7%
you are Sara you probably like I love the eighties, meet the barkers, jumping on trampolines, and stalking you-know-who at baseball games.
#7 7.1%
You are Erin R. You probably like gymnastics, Green Day, and hanging out with your boyfriend.
#8 6.5%
You are Zach you probably like heavy metal, socom, gerbils, and skateboarding
#9 5.8%
You are Joe A. you probably like emo, kicking lockers, calling people clutzes, and having samii and Chirssy as your posse
#10 2.6%
You are John G. you probably resemble a penguin, are obsessed with your girlfriend, are a great drummer, and have an awesome dog
#11 2.6%
You are Mariah you probably like dancing, sleigh riding, doing hair and being obsessive compulsive
#12 1.9%
You are Aaron! You probably like the Pittsburgh Steelers, hate book reports, and have gotten chased around your house by your cousin on different occasions.
#13 0.6%
You are Jake you probably like the Kim Possible theme song, Family Guy, and playing Gunbound.
#14 0.0%
You are Jackie you probably like your little horse, Abercrombie & fitch, and other stuff... that I can't remember.
#15 0.0%
You are SAWKO! you probably like roller coasters, and candy.

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