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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for which historical war figure are you?.

#1 42.1%
abraham lincoln, you are a kind-hearted fellow, you think all men are equal.
#2 9.9%
Franklin D. Roosevelt, you never lose hope, and believe nothing is impossible.
#3 7.9%
adolf hitler, you are a cruel, slaughtering maniac who seeks power.
#4 5.8%
Saddam Hussein, you are an insane, black-hearted man who is enslaving.
#5 5.2%
francis marion, you are a sly, sneaky person who hides in wait of his enemies.
#6 4.9%
Baron von Stuben, you are serious about training, and although cranky, are a wise man in war.
#7 4.2%
Ethan Allen, you are an inspiring man who, although not strong, has no trouble in war.
#8 4.1%
Thomas Paine, although not in the army yourself, you inspire and convince many people to follow their hearts and find freedom.
#9 2.9%
Benedict Arnold, you are a nasty traitor who is disliked by many.
#10 2.3%
deborah sampson, women can't fight in wars, but does that affect you? No! you don't care about safety or rules, you just get out there and fight!
#11 2.1%
king george the 3rd, you are an enslaving man who cares nothing of others.
#12 1.9%
george wahington, you are an honest fellow who never gives up fighting for freedom!
#13 1.7%
molly pitcher, you try to assist as much as you can, and care well for others.
#14 1.6%
Napolean Bonaparte, you are a powerful and skilled fighter who can overcome any army.
#15 1.4%
Bonito Juarez, you have a great will of defending your country, and you won't let your people down!
#16 0.8%
benjamin franklin, although you tend to joke around, you are indeed very wise.
#17 0.5%
Hernando Cortez, you are a ruthless killer who will do anything if there is a prize involved.
#18 0.3%
Montezuma the 1st, you are a respected man who is a great leader.
#19 0.2%
George W. Bush, you make unwise stragedies and have questionable tactics and experience.
#20 0.1%
genghis khan, you are a brutal fighter in search of power.

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