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Author: Tril (
Date:   01-06-06 15:47

As I get older are they going to get even stronger?I think they have and iv'e always been like that since I was in second grade.Sometimes I see a dark figure in the mirrors or standing
or even in my head.Always a black cloak.I've seen it ever since my friend said she had an invisible alien.She said that day the her "alien" was bieng attacked and I ran away then when I got inside the house I saw it outside but extremly big.She said it was the mom but I really doubt that but now i see it a lot but it is small.Also when I was younge I would see black spots and yellow ones that would open and close also my friend and I would see glowing purle and rarely yellows balls flying,But my other friend in her old house we saw a black glove show.Also for a week one time I kept seeing a person dressed in black with a cane top hat and black cloak.When I would look out the back window he would be there and turn his head then dissapear but it was near the mission.
I really need help!
And other psychic things I have lots of psychic abilitys but I need help.

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 Re: Help
Author: Lorie Anderson 
Date:   01-07-06 13:15

How old are you now, if you don't mind my asking?

Here's my opinion (not to be construed as professional advice, just an opinion):

Read about "sleep paralysis" and "hypnogogic hallucinations." Don't take any street drugs; find out if any prescription medications you're taking can result in hallucinations, and if so, then speak to your doctor about it. Don't make your visualizations worse by thinking they're something outside of your own brain; they are not aliens, not ghosts, or anything else supernatural.

Be discerning and do some research. If you're too young to understand what I'm saying here, then go to a trusted adult and ask for help.

Some kinds of hallucinations are fairly common; they could happen due to simply a lack of sleep or a sleep disorder; stress can make it worse, including the fear of the hallucinations and believing that they are external entities.

Get professional help; it would be hard for anyone on an Internet board to understand your complete history and to figure out what's going on.

Best of luck to you.

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