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Anima Timeline

Chad leaves later to go on a new mission and is 'killed' by Christian on Z'mara's orders.

Garreth allows Nathaniel to assist him with assigning missions. Zihao is sent to assist Chadrick who's mission has taken more time than expected.

Mission for escort of "Sacrifices" to Du'Lucart is assigned.
Mission to collect ingredients for the ritual is assigned.
Mission to obtain rare tome is assigned.

Talks are started with Peace regarding a trade for Z'mara's final tablet.
Zihao returns with news of Chad death. Sin is transferred for the time being.
Ara and Isoba collect the last of their assigned tablets.

Plans are put in place for the ritual.
Ara and Isoba are freed of their contract and distance themselves from Z'mara.

Sin and Tanith along with the escorted women are gathered for the sacrifice. Christian kills Sin.
Chad had survived. The corpse recovered was not his own. He also returns a bit more hardened and with a hero spirit.

Chad kills Christian. Sin's artifact revives her. Sacrifice must be stopped by the players still.